$95 Set Menu

Set menu is available for bookings for 12ppl and over


Fresh shucked oyster
Cucumber mignonette, finger lime caviar

Cold smoked freo octopus
white soy, yuzu, amarillo chilli

Woodfired Flatbread
smokey babaganoush, pinenuts, pomegranate, shiso

San danielle prosciutto
18 months aged, pickled cauliflower, hazelnuts

Crispy Southwest Lamb Rib
Malt vinegar, garlic yogurt, puffed grains


(please choose two)

Jerk rotisserie chicken
heirloom squash, crispy red rice, green papaya, chicken wing jus

Wood roasted barramundi
confit and raw heirloom tomatoes, miso, smoked almond, sea lettuce

Blackwood Valley Sirloin
Oyster mushroom XO, roasted shallots, salt and pepper mushrooms


(please choose two)

Summer leaf salad
buckwheat, nectarine, chardonnay vinaigrette

crispy royal blue potatoes
saffron aioli, saltbush dukkah

Woodfired pumpkin
brown butter, yoghurt, toasted pepitas, harissa


Miso snickers
Soft set milk chocolate, roasted peanut biscuit, peanut butter mousse, miso caramel

Blueberry sorbet
blueberry sorbet, pistachio cake, caramelised white chocolate, blueberry salad

Cambray camembert
carrot and caraway marmalade, crackers, fruit sourdough