The Best At Home Bloody Mary

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Between social distancing, working from home and school holidays, we think you might need one of our Bib & Tucker Bloody Marys. Bar manager Josh has come to the rescue with this simplified at home recipe.

Think of it as a morning coffee, but it has a Bloody Mary in it and also no coffee.

What you’ll need…

60ml vodka
30ml fresh lemon juice
15ml Worcestershire sauce
10-50 dashes of tabasco sauce, it just depends how spicy you want it!
100ml tomato juice
Pinch of salt
Crack of pepper

Mix together and garnish with the craziest savoury ingredients you can find in the fridge – the more ridiculous the better. Josh garnished with a gherkin, chilli, cacciatore sausage, spring onion, tomato and pickled jalapeño.