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Banoffe bombe Alaska / 21
biscuit base, banana & toffee ice cream, dulce de leche, toasted meringue
flambe +2 (dinner only)
try with a glass of 2014 trentham noble taminga /10
or 2016 tim adams botrytis riesling / 13

Miso snickers soft / 18
set milk chocolate, roasted peanut biscuit, peanut butter mousse,
miso caramel [GF]
try with a glass of pedro ximenez /10.5

Spring blueberry / 17
sorbet pistachio cake, caramelised white chocolate, blueberry salad

Burnt honey / 16
panna cotta salted honeycomb, macadamia, nectarine,
marigold [GF/VO]  

Cambray camembert / 14
charred sourdough, barberries, sunflower brittle [GFO] 

Homemade ice cream/sorbet [per scoop] / 4